Sunday, October 19, 2014

TAPE 9: 1991 and 1992

00:00:00 Randy Snow and John Earl's nephew walking down the hill at River Birch.

00:01:32 Christopher crying. Kenny, Sharon's friend from St. Pete, his girlfriend and Jackie

00:03:04 Front porch at River Birch

00:04:23 Christopher acts as cameraman.

00:07:58 3 year old Christopher "fishing" (no hook) in Davis Creek.

00:11:30 Christopher reeling in the cork.

00:12:06 Christopher casts cork.

00:13:30 Christopher has a good cast.

00:16:39 Sharon casting Christopher's rod.

00:18:19 Ellen on the front porch of River Birch

00:20:03 Christopher crying at his 3rd birthday party.

00:21:05 Christopher on the front porch of River Birch getting birthday presents. (Bonnie Raitt is on the stereo)

00:22:13 Close-up of Christopher

00:22:30 Sharon shooting Kenny's .22 off the front porch.

00:23:02 Kenny helping Christopher shoot the .22.

00:25:58 Close-up of Christopher shooting.

00:27:40 Extreme close-up of Christopher shooting with Kenny's daughter.

00:29:03 Kenny in the front seat

00:29:17 Sharon, Richard Mims and Christopher in Davis Creek playing with a toy boat.

00:32:36 Boat goes upstream.

00:34:55 Close-up of boat

00:35:59 Christopher crying at River Birch.

00:36:47 Close-up of wildflowers with Christopher crying in the background

00:37:05 Front porch of River Birch

00:37:15 Christopher netting fish out of a bucket.

00:38:05 Christopher in the woods behind River Road Apartment Park.

00:38:28 Christopher acting like a kitty cat.

00:39:13 Tent pitched in the woods.

00:40:44 Christopher completely ignores Robertoreg while playing with a stick.

00:42:36 Christopher threatens to hit Robertoreg with a stick.

00:43:25 Christopher disobeys Robertoreg and takes stick into tent.

00:43:58 Christopher falls out of tree he's climbing.

00:44:44 Christopher is ready to go home.

00:45:50 Close-up of Sharon's flower garden behind the apartment with Christopher talking in the background.

00:46:30 Robertoreg's Bilology classroom at Wenonah

00:47:22 Close up of student's hair ("fingerwave")

00:49:00 "Are those your clothes or your Halloween costume?", sez Robertoreg.

00:50:00 Back in Robertoreg's classroom

00:50:33 Another close-up of student's hair


00:53:12 Albino student

00:54:01 Robertoreg makes a male student take his earring out.

00:54:28 "Put it down in Wenonahneeze.", sez Robertoreg.

00:54:59 Snow @ River Road Apartment Park

00:55:58 Christopher crying.

00:56:33 Snow at night

00:56:54 Snow in the morning

00:58:00 Christopher on the ice

00:58:18 Christopher in the snow in his cowboy boots.

00:58:50 Christopher covered in snow.

01:00:17 Christopher's sandbox covered in snow.

01:00:57 Christopher clearing snow off of his wood "sculpture."

01:02:34 Christopher putting a nose on the snowman.

01:03:08 Tuscaloosans driving on the ice in front of the apartment.

01:04:33 Christopher finally replaces snowman's nose.

01:05:11 Railroad tracks that go underneath River Road in the snow

01:06:00 Gully west of the railroad tracks in the snow

01:07:00 Christopher climbing up the hill in deep snow. Christopher wants to build a fire.

01:09:41 Mid-afternoon snow with icicles.

01:10:55 Richard Mims sledding down hill.

01:12:23 Richard & Robertoreg make an advertisement for their new invention, MILES OF SMILES.

01:12:48 Robertoreg tries his hand with MILES OF SMILES.

01:14:00 Robertoreg almost hits a tree test riding MILES OF SMILES.

01:14:36 It's January 24, 1992 and the snowman has melted.

01:14:53 It's February 4, 1992, on the sandbar on Warrior River just west of the University.

01:16:04 Barge goes by on the river.

01:16:52 Shipwreck on the sandbar

01:17:54 Christopher climbing on a black willow tree growing out over sandbar.

01:18:37 Christopher in the bathtub with his zebra, alligator and toy boat

01:19:16 River Birch with Paige Holman, Bobby Selwin and Shelly

01:21:59 Bobby Selwyn and Robertoreg pull down a tree.

01:22:55 Bonfire at night

01:26:00 Robertoreg asks everyone who they want to burn in effigy.

01:27:03 March 12, 1992 at the Wenonah Health Fair held in the Wenonah gym

01:30:05 River Birch with Terry Grimes, Ellen, Shelly, Bobby Selwin, Rod Walker and Trice Keene.

01:31:17 Juanita Drive with Christopher dressed as a pirate for Halloween.

01:31:49 Chistopher's fourth birthday (tape's sound and tracking are messing up)

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