Saturday, October 25, 2014

TAPE 10 Christmas 1990 (entire tape over 01:33:43)

00:00:00 Christmas Day at River Road Apartment Park~ Christopher gets magnets, army men, police handcuffs, toy pistol, a pair of six shooters, DUPLO playset, fishing rod and reel, farm animals

00:01:40 Christopher playing with fishing rod.

00:02:30 "Bite!", sez Christopher.

00:02:48 magnets

00:03:46 army men

00:03:46 "Pow! Pow!", sez Christopher.

00:04:04 Robertoreg puts Christopher's holster for his two six shooters on him.

00:04:32 Christopher shoots Robertoreg.

00:06:18 "I want do it!" sez Christopher about his toy cannon.

00:07:55 farm animals

00:09:29 Close-up of farm animals

00:09:55 Robertoreg gets Z.Z. TOP's Eliminator from Santa.

00:10:41 Robertoreg gets a wedding ring from Old Santa. I'd sold the first one when we went broke.

00:11:06 aftermath of opening Christmas presents

00:11:34 At the Swindle house living room opening Christmas presents

00:12:40 Mr. Swindle opening a gift

00:12:56 Mrs. Swindle's gift is a  group of pictures of Christopher framed.

00:13:13  Mr. Swindle gets a pileated woodpecker weather vane.

00:14:01 The Prattville Crosses with Christopher crying in the background

00:16:06 "Hell is HOT, HOT,HOT!"

00:16:19 Christopher at Porter's Court which is a now demolished motel located near the Y in Panama City Beach.

00:16:36 Christopher chasing seagulls.

00:18:10 Flock of mergansers in the Gulf

00:18:35 Courtyard at Porter's Court

00:18:54 more mergansers

00:19:27 Christopher and Sharon on the beach

00:20:00 Christopher and Sharon on the merry-go-round

00:20:13 Christopher falls off of the merry-go-round.

00:20:22 Christopher and Sharon on the swings

00:21:05 Christopher on the trampoline of a Hoby Cat.

00:21:51 Seagulls at what is now Henderson Beach State Park outside Destin.

00:22:57 Workers putting in piles for the future Henderson Beach State Park.

00:23:32 Positioning piles by pumping water into the hole.

00:25:00 Joe's Bayou in Destin from Corey Johnson's dock next door to Charles Morgan's house. Charles is the owner of Chuck's Fish and Harbor Docks.

00:25:52 Christopher on Corey Johnson's dock.

00:26:25 Joe's Bayou from Corey Johnson's deck.

00:26:38 The turpentine still at St. Andrews State Park.

00:27:26 Turpentine "cat face" cut on a pine tree

00:27:50 Christopher playing with the pine pitch pans.

00:28:13 Docks on Grand Lagoon at St. Andrews State Park

00:28:42 Christopher with a great egret

00:29:36 Close-up of egret

00:30:27 Christopher chasing the egret.

00:30:39 Christopher and Sharon fishing from the dock.

00:32:20 Pelicans flying and landing on the water.

00:33:55 Party boat heading out from Grand Lagoon

00:35:00 Egret feeding.

00:36:55 Blue heron in a pine tree

00:37:33 Christopher going out to the jetties.





Sunday, October 19, 2014

TAPE 9: 1991 and 1992

00:00:00 Randy Snow and John Earl's nephew walking down the hill at River Birch.

00:01:32 Christopher crying. Kenny, Sharon's friend from St. Pete, his girlfriend and Jackie

00:03:04 Front porch at River Birch

00:04:23 Christopher acts as cameraman.

00:07:58 3 year old Christopher "fishing" (no hook) in Davis Creek.

00:11:30 Christopher reeling in the cork.

00:12:06 Christopher casts cork.

00:13:30 Christopher has a good cast.

00:16:39 Sharon casting Christopher's rod.

00:18:19 Ellen on the front porch of River Birch

00:20:03 Christopher crying at his 3rd birthday party.

00:21:05 Christopher on the front porch of River Birch getting birthday presents. (Bonnie Raitt is on the stereo)

00:22:13 Close-up of Christopher

00:22:30 Sharon shooting Kenny's .22 off the front porch.

00:23:02 Kenny helping Christopher shoot the .22.

00:25:58 Close-up of Christopher shooting.

00:27:40 Extreme close-up of Christopher shooting with Kenny's daughter.

00:29:03 Kenny in the front seat

00:29:17 Sharon, Richard Mims and Christopher in Davis Creek playing with a toy boat.

00:32:36 Boat goes upstream.

00:34:55 Close-up of boat

00:35:59 Christopher crying at River Birch.

00:36:47 Close-up of wildflowers with Christopher crying in the background

00:37:05 Front porch of River Birch

00:37:15 Christopher netting fish out of a bucket.

00:38:05 Christopher in the woods behind River Road Apartment Park.

00:38:28 Christopher acting like a kitty cat.

00:39:13 Tent pitched in the woods.

00:40:44 Christopher completely ignores Robertoreg while playing with a stick.

00:42:36 Christopher threatens to hit Robertoreg with a stick.

00:43:25 Christopher disobeys Robertoreg and takes stick into tent.

00:43:58 Christopher falls out of tree he's climbing.

00:44:44 Christopher is ready to go home.

00:45:50 Close-up of Sharon's flower garden behind the apartment with Christopher talking in the background.

00:46:30 Robertoreg's Bilology classroom at Wenonah

00:47:22 Close up of student's hair ("fingerwave")

00:49:00 "Are those your clothes or your Halloween costume?", sez Robertoreg.

00:50:00 Back in Robertoreg's classroom

00:50:33 Another close-up of student's hair


00:53:12 Albino student

00:54:01 Robertoreg makes a male student take his earring out.

00:54:28 "Put it down in Wenonahneeze.", sez Robertoreg.

00:54:59 Snow @ River Road Apartment Park

00:55:58 Christopher crying.

00:56:33 Snow at night

00:56:54 Snow in the morning

00:58:00 Christopher on the ice

00:58:18 Christopher in the snow in his cowboy boots.

00:58:50 Christopher covered in snow.

01:00:17 Christopher's sandbox covered in snow.

01:00:57 Christopher clearing snow off of his wood "sculpture."

01:02:34 Christopher putting a nose on the snowman.

01:03:08 Tuscaloosans driving on the ice in front of the apartment.

01:04:33 Christopher finally replaces snowman's nose.

01:05:11 Railroad tracks that go underneath River Road in the snow

01:06:00 Gully west of the railroad tracks in the snow

01:07:00 Christopher climbing up the hill in deep snow. Christopher wants to build a fire.

01:09:41 Mid-afternoon snow with icicles.

01:10:55 Richard Mims sledding down hill.

01:12:23 Richard & Robertoreg make an advertisement for their new invention, MILES OF SMILES.

01:12:48 Robertoreg tries his hand with MILES OF SMILES.

01:14:00 Robertoreg almost hits a tree test riding MILES OF SMILES.

01:14:36 It's January 24, 1992 and the snowman has melted.

01:14:53 It's February 4, 1992, on the sandbar on Warrior River just west of the University.

01:16:04 Barge goes by on the river.

01:16:52 Shipwreck on the sandbar

01:17:54 Christopher climbing on a black willow tree growing out over sandbar.

01:18:37 Christopher in the bathtub with his zebra, alligator and toy boat

01:19:16 River Birch with Paige Holman, Bobby Selwin and Shelly

01:21:59 Bobby Selwyn and Robertoreg pull down a tree.

01:22:55 Bonfire at night

01:26:00 Robertoreg asks everyone who they want to burn in effigy.

01:27:03 March 12, 1992 at the Wenonah Health Fair held in the Wenonah gym

01:30:05 River Birch with Terry Grimes, Ellen, Shelly, Bobby Selwin, Rod Walker and Trice Keene.

01:31:17 Juanita Drive with Christopher dressed as a pirate for Halloween.

01:31:49 Chistopher's fourth birthday (tape's sound and tracking are messing up)

Friday, October 17, 2014

TAPE 8 1994 (only 6 minutes and 40 seconds long)

00:00:00 Christmas party @ Twin Oaks Road. Mike's friend, Kelly(?). Mike Williams receives a dissected house cat as a Christmas gift.

00:02:50 Inside kitchen. Mary, Marvin Henry, Sandi (?~ Tommy Kuhn's girlfriend), Rob Waite, Stephen Rogers, Richard Mims, Tutsi

00:05:55 Tutsi

00:06:13 Close-up of Christopher

Friday, October 10, 2014


00:00:00 The Swindles with Sharon and Christopher on the beach in front of the Nauticus

00:07:15 Christopher putting sand down his pants.

00:07:45 Close-up of Swindles

00:08:45 Ms. Ruby smoking a cigarette on the beach.

00:09:00 Christopher on bicycle riding around the Nauticus pool with the Swindles watching.

00:11:30 Christopher swimming in the Nauticus pool.

00:11:57 Bevill State Biology classes in a Carrollton High classroom

00:12:51 Robertoreg's classroom at Wenonah

00:13:55 Movie about human reproduction photographed off of a TV screen.

00:16:40 Anaphase of cell division

00:17:30 Live sperm

00:21:23 Skelton Family Reunion and the Northside Community Center in Samantha

00:22:02 Lunch

00:22:15 Aunt Sis Appling

00:22:30 Close-up of Ms. Swindle

00:23:15 Close-up of Sarah

00:24:10 Brian Dowling @ THE FARM

00:25:00 Christopher playing with troll dolls.

00:25:09 Pauline's Cafe in Cottonwood featuring her 842 sets of salt & pepper shakers

00:26:07 Old Colonial Bread screen door on a hardware store in Cottonwood

00:26:40 Halloween casket in downtown Cottonwood

00:27:44 Buddy driving his airboat around the Farm.

00:31:07 Buddy puts the airboat in the upper pond.

00:31:50 Buddy steers the airboat behind the Farm house.

00:32:20 Tanning an alligator hide inside the Farm house with Lana

00:33:45 Christopher and Lana at the treehouse

00:35:26 Christopher climbing the sycamore by the cook shed.

00:35:44 Work area in front of the boat shed

00:36:15 Windmill

00:37:17 Banana tree at the spring

00:38:00 to 00:39:23 is blank tape.

00:39:32 Chris Hanna and Mary Jane's Christmas wedding at Stephen Roger's house in Eutaw.

00:40:18 Trimming the Christmas tree

00:43:20 Christopher clowning around on to of the ladder used for trimming the tree.

00:45:00 Stephen Rogers' kitchen

00:45:37 Outside Stephen's house

00:46:38 Cotton Patch Restaurant near Greenetrack

00:47:48 Chris and Mary Kaye's wedding

00:58:40 Lyle Hopper (deceased) is in this clip.

00:59:32 Close-up of Chris Hanna's Mother

01:02:38 Sharon's spread for the reception in Stephen's dining room

01:05:25 Cutting the wedding cake

01:09:00 Front of Stephen's house at night

01:10:12 Stephen's living room after the reception

01:17:00 Chris Hanna gives out gifts to the wedding party.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TAPE 6 Winter of '91

00:00:00 Pan of the area outside Wenonah

00:01:16 Robertoreg's classroom

00:01:50 Buck wild in Robertoreg's class


00:04:21 Christmas party @ Juanita Drive. ZZ Top on the stereo. Bobby Selwin and Shelley, "Chris" (alias for ex-con), Frank Struss and girlfriend, Rod & Marilyn, Corrine, Paige Holman, Trice

00:06:45 Christopher playing with Play-Dough.

00:08:00 John & Sarah @ the Swindle's house

00:08:33 Close-up of Sarah

00:09:06 Close-up of Christopher

00:09:57 Roman candle going off in Swindle's backyard

00:10:10 Opening presents in the Swindle's living room

00:11:34 The twins screaming

00:12:27 Christopher unwraps toy chainsaw.

00:12:50 Christopher operating the chainsaw.

00:13:49 Christopher takes chainsaw away from John.

00:14:35 Christopher outside "cutting" down trees with his chainsaw.

00:16:45 Pan of Mr Swindle's peach orchard

00:17:15 Mr. Swindle's metal star

00:17:35 Antioch Cemetery near Kellerman @ Great Grandpa Skelton's Confederate veteran tombstone.

00:18:50 Twins crying

00:19:42 On the road to River Birch

00:20:41 Christopher playing in the sand beside Davis Creek.

00:20:53 Christopher on the front porch at The Farm with a big bream he just caught.

00:22:00 Buddy is the cameraman. Christopher is wearing his cowboy boots while fishing.

00:23:36 Lana & Becky

00:24:54 Pan at the Farm showing new bridge over the first lower pond.

00:25:30 Pan of the Farm

00:25:57 Leslie

00:26:13 Buddy getting things ready for a hayride.

00:26:36 Downtown Dothan at the corner of Foster and Troy with Richard Mims

00:29:15 Panama City Beach at Taylor Court formerly located at the Y (now demolished).

00:35:05 Little River Canyon

00:38:38 DeSoto Falls
TAPE 5 WENONAH (tape only 18 minutes long)

00:00:00 Speech contest at the downtown location of the Service Center for B'ham Public Schools

00:00:21 Robertoreg's student does a speech on how large roaches get and how they fly.

00:03:26 Robertoreg's student does his speech on Christopher Columbus. After writing and memorizing his speech, the student refused to compete with other B'ham students in the speech contest.

00:05:11 Robertoreg prompts student.

00:06:45 Award ceremony at the Service Center

00:07:46 Robertoreg's classroom at Wenonah

00:09:00 Students dancing.

00:09:31 Soul Sisters gettin' down in Robertoreg's classroom.

00:11:00 Margorie L. White lectures on the B'ham Historical District.

00:11:20 Sloss Furnace

00:12:30 Inside Sloss

00:14:54 Pig Iron Shed

00:16:00 Minnesota Avenue on top of Red Mountain in Bessemer

00:16:29 Tannehill

Monday, October 6, 2014

TAPE 4 Christopher's 5th Birthday 1993

00:00:00 Wood Wilson talking to Sharon in the Chukker.

00:00:48 Food on the pool table

00:01:06 Rod & Donna

00:01:15 Scoot at the dart board

00:01:35 Food has been eaten and Wood is dancing with someone.

00:03:35 Close-up of Chukker dart boards

00:03:48 River Birch

00:04:32 Christopher's imitation of "Iron Mike" Campbell.

00:05:24 Christopher is the cameraman and Robertoreg is in his underwear. "...with that fat belly." sez Christopher.

00:06:34 Christopher photographs Sharon mixing a White Russian in the River Birch kitchen. Sharon chews Robertoreg out for letting Christopher have the camera.

00:07:11 Nicole Culberson and three of her kids visit the house on Juanita Drive. Christopher, Nicole, Gina, Veronica watch Beavis and Butthead on TV.

00:08:50 troll doll

00:09:09 Beavis and Butthead

00:09:00 Veronica is the cameraman as she photographs Robertoreg.

00:10:45 360 degree pan of the room. Robertoreg has a moustache

00:11:32 Gina and Christopher

00:11:45 Aaron Culberson in the bedroom

00:12:23 Kids dancing to Nirvana's TEEN SPIRIT

00:13:00 Close-up of Veronica

00:13:15 Sharon, Nicole and the kids at Lock 3 (later re-named Lock 12) at the University

00:13:51 Gina on the tricycle at the Swindles

00:14:16 The Swindles and the kids on their patio in Northport.

00:15:39 Veronica swinging

00:16:41 Christopher swinging

00:17:04 Veronica is cameraman and photographs Air-Bear (Aaron Culberson).

00:17:27 The shed and Air-Bear

00:18:30 Up the hill behind the library with the Culberson kids

00:19:15 Nicole is the cameraman as the kids climb up rocks.

00:21:04 The sandbar on the river west of the University.

00:21:23 Telephoto shot of the Cypress Inn across the river

00:21:36 Close-up of Christopher

00:22:30 River Birch with Mary Kaye and Chris Hanna. Christopher walking on the rocks in the creek.

00:23:13 Christopher on the dam

00:23:48 Sharon on a float. Mary Kaye on a rock and Christopher swimming.

00:27:42 Chris Hanna on the sand bar.

00:28:26 Christopher and Sharon in the pool behind the dam

00:28:45 Shooting Chris' pistol

00:30:38 Rob Waite on the deck at Juanita Drive and Christopher licking ice cream paddle after making homemade ice cream

00:32:45 Christopher in a Boy Scout uniform in the living room at Juanita Drive

00:33:05 Christopher's 5th Birthday party at Juanita Drive

00:33:35 The birthday party theme was JURASSIC PARK.
On the deck with Corrine, Tommy Kuhns, Frannie James, Donna, Jennie Hines

00:36:00 Kids on the gym set

00:36:14 Christopher learning to shoot a tennis ball gun

00:36:44 Whit Hendrix

00:37:17 Back of the Juanita Drive house and deck

00:39:34 Whit trying to use the tennis ball gun

00:40:34 Inside the dining room at night

Thursday, October 2, 2014


00:00:00 Strip pit outside Brookwood on the way to River Birch. Antioch Church cemetery. Richard Mims, Sharon, Blue Econoline Van, Robertoreg mentions the grave of G-Grandpa Skelton in the Antioch Cemetery.

00:01:06 March 23, 1991 @ River Birch with Jackie

00:01:06 Trice at a distance on the other side of Davis Creek.

00:01:45 Richard Mims climbing up on the roof of River Birch to sweep off leaves. "Lots of T & A there", sez Sharon.

00:02:53 Richard's broom falls apart.

00:03:40 Robertoreg pans Davis Creek and the former site of Thompson's Mill.

00:04:51 Richard Mims on the front porch talking. "This is called Po' Folks Resort.", sez Robertoreg.

00:05:35 The Naked Cameraman in the middle of Davis Creek. Mentions going to B'ham that night to Legion Field to see the Birmingham Fire Pro Football debut and hear Jerry Lee Lewis perform.

00:08:01 Jackie's dog that bit Chistopher plays in the creek. Looking up the hill. Jackie, Richard and Trice shoots the camera a bird.

00:08:45 Sharon, Jennie Hines, Ellen, Rosemary Hart, Christopher

00:10:25 Down on Davis Creek

00:11:00 Christopher talks and waves at the camera.

00:12:25 Christopher with his first Zebco fishing reel and rod with Jennie, Rosemary, Sharon, Ellen and Janis.

00:13:19 Trice asleep in his sleeping bag on the front porch

00:13:32 Naked Christopher picking up rocks in the creek

00:14:17 Naked Christopher with 3 dogs in the creek. Bonnie, Jackie's old white dog, brings Christopher a rock and shakes water on him.

00:15:53 Christopher tells Jackie's dog to "Sit!".

00:18:00 Christopher screams.

00:18:19 Christopher becomes the rock hound collecting two big rocks.

00:19:18 Donna Deason and Sharon on the sand. Sharon gives Christopher his cold medicine.

00:19:45 Christopher covers his penis with sand.

00:20:05 The tent pitched down by the creek.

00:20:21 Christopher covered with sand.

00:20:55 Richard with his camera

00:21:20 Christopher taking pictures with a camera Richard gave him. (no film in camera)

00:22:27 Close-up of Christopher with his camera

00:22:57 Trice pumping creek water up to the house.

00:24:20 April 6, 1991 View from the top of the hill at River Birch

00:25:43 Trice with his old truck that had the camper top

00:26:03 Buckeye blooming

00:26:10 Trice with water

00:26:35 Sharon, Donna and Christopher- 360 degree pan from the middle of the creek

00:28:10 From the opposite side of Davis Creek

00:29:24 Donna walks out to the big rock in the middle of the creek.

00:30:27 Bush honeysuckle (wild azalea)

00:31:04 Sharon, Donna and Christopher out on the big rock

00:32:54 Animal tracks in the sand

00:33:44 Mountain laurel

00:35:00 Domestic azalea blooming in the woods across the creek from the cabin

00:36:00 More animal tracks

00:36:18 Horseshoe pit at King's Point Club on Bankhead Reservoir

00:37:24 Robertoreg and Christopher with the creek flooding

00:38:57 Ashley, Thigpen's daughter, and toys in the sand

00:39:47 Christopher crying

00:39:55 Buckeye blooms and hike in the woods

00:41:35 Sharon and Christopher sitting on a log

00:42:43 Christopher crying

00:44:22 Trice walking among the overhanging rocks

00:45:17 Close-up of small rocky creek

00:47:08 Mistakenly call Davis Creek "Daniel Creek"

00:48:30 Large grove of white oaks

00:49:25 "ROCK CITY" upstream from River Birch

00:50:30 Close-up of rocks

00:51:55 Wild irises on the creek above River Birch

00:55:14 Door of the ladies' restroom at Kings Point

00:55:38 Christopher playing pool at Kings Point.

00:56:39 Christopher singing and dancing at Kings Point.

00:57:30 Christopher sings and Hank Jr. plays WHISKEY DRUNK & HELL BOUND on the juke box

00:58:08 LONG HAIRED COUNTRY BOY by Charlie Daniels Band plays on the juke box.

00:58:25 Close-up of Christopher "You're gonna get your head stuck..." sez Robertoreg.

00:59:03 Christopher running around Kings Point

00:59:15 Christopher outside by the water at Kings Point

00:59:30 Christopher playing in the horseshoe pit.

00:59:47 Pan of the neighborhood at Kings Point

01:01:24 Mallard ducks at Kings Point "I'm gonna throw you in the river." sez Sharon.

01:01:47 Guinea fowl around the boat houses at Kings Point

01:02:14 River Birch from the top of the hill behind it

01:02:51 Christopher with binoculars

01:03:43 Robertoreg follows Christopher down to the creek.

01:06:01 Christopher with his hoe and bucket on the sand bar talking to Robertoreg

01:07:19 Christopher's sand castle

01:09:09 Christopher picks up a big rock and screams.

01:09:33 Feeding the ducks at Kings Point

01:11:38 Back at River Birch cooking a roast on the grill

01:12:51 Sharon has problems with the camera.

01:13:11 Christopher with no pants washing his socks on the front porch of River Birch.

01:14:06 Turtles in the Warrior River below the Bankhead Dam. Camera is inside the blue Econoline Van and water is coming over the spillway.

01:15:11 Emptying the lock

01:16:18 Van in the Bankhead Dam parking lot.

01:17:38 Robertoreg and Christopher in the Speedway Express wagon

01:18:35 Sharon and Christopher in the wagon

01:19:06 "Always wondered when Sharon was gonna go "ON THE WAGON" and now you see it." sez Robertoreg.

01:19:30 Dead armadillo on the side of a Jefferson County road

01:19:59 Sharon and Christopher on the wagon at Kings Point

01:20:44 Uncle Joe and Aunt Opal at dinner at the Swindles.

01:23:19 Ms. Swindle riding Christophers tricycle in the carport

01:23:45 Barge filled with wood chips locking through Bankhead. Christopher concentrating on the Scott tugboat, CHIPPEWA.

01:27:10 Lock empties.

01:28:31 White trash house on the road between Bankhead and River Birch

01:29:00 Sharon's friends

01:29:22 Staying at Scott's apartment at Sandpiper II located in Panama City Beach at the end of Thomas Drive on the beach.

01:30:10 Inside Scott's apartment

01:31:30 Christopher on the beach

01:32:07 Condemned beach houses' pilings completely covered by waves.

01:34:00 Surfers

01:34:30 Powerboat races in the Gulf from Scott's deck

01:35:22 Three whiting caught from the beach at the Nauticus.

01:37:00 Brian, the owner of the Nauticus

01:37:57 Christopher and Sharon at the Nauticus pool

01:40: 05 "Turn camera off" sez Christopher. Christopher sez "Shish" instead of Fish.

01:40:49 Puffer fish. Christopher calls his toy porpoise a "shish."

01:41:39 Christopher playing in the waves

01:42:25 Monkeying around

01:42:50 Christopher playing in the waves

01:43:21 Christopher plays in a sand castle.

01:45:15 Leslie and Lana on the front porch of the Farm.

01:45:37 The upper pond so clear you can see the bream and catfish underneath the water

01:48:04 Buddy hollers at us.

01:50:20 Christopher fishing.

01:52:30 Leslie is the cameraman.

01:53:09 Christopher and Lana

01:53:35 Close-up of Lana

01:54:28 Leslie had turned 12.

01:55:12 Boat shed at the Farm

01:55:49 Leslie and Lana in the air boat

01:56:15 Close-up of Buddy

01:56:28 Pan all the way around from the boat shed at the Farm

01:57:13 Jeff, Brenda, John and Sarah at the Swindles

01:57:40 Christopher and Sarah

01:58:00 Inside the Swindle kitchen

01:58:18 Christopher and John

01:58:50 Inside the Swindle den

01:59:13 Ms. Swindle dancing in the hall with all the grandkids

02:01;27 River Birch

02:02:45 Christopher on the sand

02:03:25 Christopher and Sharon in the creek on floats