Monday, October 6, 2014

TAPE 4 Christopher's 5th Birthday 1993

00:00:00 Wood Wilson talking to Sharon in the Chukker.

00:00:48 Food on the pool table

00:01:06 Rod & Donna

00:01:15 Scoot at the dart board

00:01:35 Food has been eaten and Wood is dancing with someone.

00:03:35 Close-up of Chukker dart boards

00:03:48 River Birch

00:04:32 Christopher's imitation of "Iron Mike" Campbell.

00:05:24 Christopher is the cameraman and Robertoreg is in his underwear. "...with that fat belly." sez Christopher.

00:06:34 Christopher photographs Sharon mixing a White Russian in the River Birch kitchen. Sharon chews Robertoreg out for letting Christopher have the camera.

00:07:11 Nicole Culberson and three of her kids visit the house on Juanita Drive. Christopher, Nicole, Gina, Veronica watch Beavis and Butthead on TV.

00:08:50 troll doll

00:09:09 Beavis and Butthead

00:09:00 Veronica is the cameraman as she photographs Robertoreg.

00:10:45 360 degree pan of the room. Robertoreg has a moustache

00:11:32 Gina and Christopher

00:11:45 Aaron Culberson in the bedroom

00:12:23 Kids dancing to Nirvana's TEEN SPIRIT

00:13:00 Close-up of Veronica

00:13:15 Sharon, Nicole and the kids at Lock 3 (later re-named Lock 12) at the University

00:13:51 Gina on the tricycle at the Swindles

00:14:16 The Swindles and the kids on their patio in Northport.

00:15:39 Veronica swinging

00:16:41 Christopher swinging

00:17:04 Veronica is cameraman and photographs Air-Bear (Aaron Culberson).

00:17:27 The shed and Air-Bear

00:18:30 Up the hill behind the library with the Culberson kids

00:19:15 Nicole is the cameraman as the kids climb up rocks.

00:21:04 The sandbar on the river west of the University.

00:21:23 Telephoto shot of the Cypress Inn across the river

00:21:36 Close-up of Christopher

00:22:30 River Birch with Mary Kaye and Chris Hanna. Christopher walking on the rocks in the creek.

00:23:13 Christopher on the dam

00:23:48 Sharon on a float. Mary Kaye on a rock and Christopher swimming.

00:27:42 Chris Hanna on the sand bar.

00:28:26 Christopher and Sharon in the pool behind the dam

00:28:45 Shooting Chris' pistol

00:30:38 Rob Waite on the deck at Juanita Drive and Christopher licking ice cream paddle after making homemade ice cream

00:32:45 Christopher in a Boy Scout uniform in the living room at Juanita Drive

00:33:05 Christopher's 5th Birthday party at Juanita Drive

00:33:35 The birthday party theme was JURASSIC PARK.
On the deck with Corrine, Tommy Kuhns, Frannie James, Donna, Jennie Hines

00:36:00 Kids on the gym set

00:36:14 Christopher learning to shoot a tennis ball gun

00:36:44 Whit Hendrix

00:37:17 Back of the Juanita Drive house and deck

00:39:34 Whit trying to use the tennis ball gun

00:40:34 Inside the dining room at night

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