Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TAPE 6 Winter of '91

00:00:00 Pan of the area outside Wenonah

00:01:16 Robertoreg's classroom

00:01:50 Buck wild in Robertoreg's class


00:04:21 Christmas party @ Juanita Drive. ZZ Top on the stereo. Bobby Selwin and Shelley, "Chris" (alias for ex-con), Frank Struss and girlfriend, Rod & Marilyn, Corrine, Paige Holman, Trice

00:06:45 Christopher playing with Play-Dough.

00:08:00 John & Sarah @ the Swindle's house

00:08:33 Close-up of Sarah

00:09:06 Close-up of Christopher

00:09:57 Roman candle going off in Swindle's backyard

00:10:10 Opening presents in the Swindle's living room

00:11:34 The twins screaming

00:12:27 Christopher unwraps toy chainsaw.

00:12:50 Christopher operating the chainsaw.

00:13:49 Christopher takes chainsaw away from John.

00:14:35 Christopher outside "cutting" down trees with his chainsaw.

00:16:45 Pan of Mr Swindle's peach orchard

00:17:15 Mr. Swindle's metal star

00:17:35 Antioch Cemetery near Kellerman @ Great Grandpa Skelton's Confederate veteran tombstone.

00:18:50 Twins crying

00:19:42 On the road to River Birch

00:20:41 Christopher playing in the sand beside Davis Creek.

00:20:53 Christopher on the front porch at The Farm with a big bream he just caught.

00:22:00 Buddy is the cameraman. Christopher is wearing his cowboy boots while fishing.

00:23:36 Lana & Becky

00:24:54 Pan at the Farm showing new bridge over the first lower pond.

00:25:30 Pan of the Farm

00:25:57 Leslie

00:26:13 Buddy getting things ready for a hayride.

00:26:36 Downtown Dothan at the corner of Foster and Troy with Richard Mims

00:29:15 Panama City Beach at Taylor Court formerly located at the Y (now demolished).

00:35:05 Little River Canyon

00:38:38 DeSoto Falls

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