Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TAPE 5 WENONAH (tape only 18 minutes long)

00:00:00 Speech contest at the downtown location of the Service Center for B'ham Public Schools

00:00:21 Robertoreg's student does a speech on how large roaches get and how they fly.

00:03:26 Robertoreg's student does his speech on Christopher Columbus. After writing and memorizing his speech, the student refused to compete with other B'ham students in the speech contest.

00:05:11 Robertoreg prompts student.

00:06:45 Award ceremony at the Service Center

00:07:46 Robertoreg's classroom at Wenonah

00:09:00 Students dancing.

00:09:31 Soul Sisters gettin' down in Robertoreg's classroom.

00:11:00 Margorie L. White lectures on the B'ham Historical District.

00:11:20 Sloss Furnace

00:12:30 Inside Sloss

00:14:54 Pig Iron Shed

00:16:00 Minnesota Avenue on top of Red Mountain in Bessemer

00:16:29 Tannehill

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