Friday, October 10, 2014


00:00:00 The Swindles with Sharon and Christopher on the beach in front of the Nauticus

00:07:15 Christopher putting sand down his pants.

00:07:45 Close-up of Swindles

00:08:45 Ms. Ruby smoking a cigarette on the beach.

00:09:00 Christopher on bicycle riding around the Nauticus pool with the Swindles watching.

00:11:30 Christopher swimming in the Nauticus pool.

00:11:57 Bevill State Biology classes in a Carrollton High classroom

00:12:51 Robertoreg's classroom at Wenonah

00:13:55 Movie about human reproduction photographed off of a TV screen.

00:16:40 Anaphase of cell division

00:17:30 Live sperm

00:21:23 Skelton Family Reunion and the Northside Community Center in Samantha

00:22:02 Lunch

00:22:15 Aunt Sis Appling

00:22:30 Close-up of Ms. Swindle

00:23:15 Close-up of Sarah

00:24:10 Brian Dowling @ THE FARM

00:25:00 Christopher playing with troll dolls.

00:25:09 Pauline's Cafe in Cottonwood featuring her 842 sets of salt & pepper shakers

00:26:07 Old Colonial Bread screen door on a hardware store in Cottonwood

00:26:40 Halloween casket in downtown Cottonwood

00:27:44 Buddy driving his airboat around the Farm.

00:31:07 Buddy puts the airboat in the upper pond.

00:31:50 Buddy steers the airboat behind the Farm house.

00:32:20 Tanning an alligator hide inside the Farm house with Lana

00:33:45 Christopher and Lana at the treehouse

00:35:26 Christopher climbing the sycamore by the cook shed.

00:35:44 Work area in front of the boat shed

00:36:15 Windmill

00:37:17 Banana tree at the spring

00:38:00 to 00:39:23 is blank tape.

00:39:32 Chris Hanna and Mary Jane's Christmas wedding at Stephen Roger's house in Eutaw.

00:40:18 Trimming the Christmas tree

00:43:20 Christopher clowning around on to of the ladder used for trimming the tree.

00:45:00 Stephen Rogers' kitchen

00:45:37 Outside Stephen's house

00:46:38 Cotton Patch Restaurant near Greenetrack

00:47:48 Chris and Mary Kaye's wedding

00:58:40 Lyle Hopper (deceased) is in this clip.

00:59:32 Close-up of Chris Hanna's Mother

01:02:38 Sharon's spread for the reception in Stephen's dining room

01:05:25 Cutting the wedding cake

01:09:00 Front of Stephen's house at night

01:10:12 Stephen's living room after the reception

01:17:00 Chris Hanna gives out gifts to the wedding party.

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