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00:00:00 Tape opens at the Farm in the Summer of 1990. Sharon and Christopher are fishing in the upper pond. Richard Mims came from Tuscaloosa with us.

00:01:17  Close-up of Sharon and her small bass

00:01:50 Big bream

00:02:45 small gator

00:03:44 Sharon hooks gator.


00:05:00 Gator bites Sharon's cork.

00:05:42 Sharon catches another small bass.

00:05:56 Richard Mims with a bass. Robertoreg has a message for Buddy.

00:07:04 Front porch of the Farm

00:07:16 Christopher with long hair

00:07:55 Wenonah High library

00:08:30 Tamika recites an essay in the library with a portrait of George Washington Carver in the background.

00:10:30 Tamika read a poem and then Robertoreg asks her,"Tamika, let me ask you something. If you could just give us some of your observations at Wenonah... What are some of the big problems you see in the classroom with the behavior of your fellow classmates?"

Tamika replies,"They don't pay attention. For those who do plan to learn something, it distracts from those who really plan to do anything and want to learn something. Those who are not paying attention are not moving ahead; not trying to. It distracts. It slows down those ready to learn; those that are really interested."

00:11:30 Tamika recites another poem with a portrait of Booker T. Washington in the background.

00:12:30 Ms. Camp, the Wenonah librarian

00:13:12 Robertoreg talks to his students in the library.

00:13:50 "Trayveon Shotwell!"

00:14:45 Christopher's second birthday party at our apartment at Apartment Park on River Road.
Ellen, Shelly, Rod, Trice, Richard, Janice. Christopher has his long hair. He gets a tool set as a present.

00:17:00 Robertoreg sez, "Promise me one thing: Don't become a VW mechanic."
 "What this tool's gonna teach you is you don't ever want a 'tool job.' "

00:19:45 Christopher hitting a plastic nail with a plastic hammer. Robertoreg sez,"Whoa, Boy! You 'bout to bust something!"

00:20:44 Close-up of Sharon

00:21:14 Christopher using a screwdriver.

00:21:57 Christopher unwraps an A-B-C book as THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS play on the stereo.

00:23:20 Major screaming by Christopher

00:24:05 Robertoreg sez, "We gonna have some real Christian people watch this. You can't be saying that."

00:24:50 Christpher playing with his Grover bumper car on the kitchen floor.

00:25:58 Christopher dancing to THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS.

00:27:21 A conversation with Richard Mims as PINK FLOYD plays in the background.

00:28:20 Christopher's first haircut in the barber shop on 6th St. that was across the street from the Chukker.

00:28:50 Christopher quits crying.

00:29:35 The haircut is finished.

00:30:08 Barber trims Christopher's bangs.

00:31:28 "Big Skip", the bass drummer from Wenonah who I was forced to pass so we could get rid of him by graduating him. Robertoreg sez, "Eat a bugger for me, Brian." I'd caught Brian eating boogers in class.

00:32:00 Inside the Wenonah gym

00:32:12 Trumpet section of the Wenanah Marching Band starts to strut into the gym.

00:33:18 Controlled Wenonah mayhem

00:33:33 Wenonah's football team walks into the gym.

00:34:27 Wenonah Dance Line performs to absolutely horrible recorded music.

00:35:54 Wenonah Drum Section performs as the Dance Line leaves the gym.

00:36:30 Gym is rockin' out as the classes begin to call each other out.

00:36:45 Wenonah band plays the Wenonah Alma Mater. "I'm so glad I go to Wenonah High..."

00:38:03 Wenonah Cheerleaders come into the gym.

00:38:50 Stupid-ass-affictified & ugly Mr. Robinson popping gum and grading papers during the pep rally.

00:39:30 Spirit cheer competition between the classes begins.



00:42:04 Robinson still poppin' gum and grading papers.

00:42:20 Full band playing as the whole house is shaking.


00:43:08 Old Wenonah High student portraits in the hallway

00:43:46 Robertoreg's classroom

00:44:38 Christopher's birthday party at the Swindle's house after his haircut

00:45:30 Christopher gets a cowboy hat and blocks for a present.

00:46:25 Camera pans the food Ms. Swindle prepared.

00:46:55 Ms. Swindle sings while wearing Christopher's new cowboy hat.

00:47:28 Ms. Swindle does her Minnie Pearl impression.

00:47:57 The cake comes out and everybody sings the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG.

00:48:16 We try to get Christopher to blow out the candles but Ms. Swindle does it for him.

00:48:52 Ice cream and cake

00:49:16 1990 Bama versus Florida football game on our TV in a Oleander Motel in Gulf Shores.

00:50:28 September 16, 1990 building sand castles on the beach at Gulf Shores.

00:51:41 Sharon to Robert who is wearing a Bugs Bunny float on his head, "And how many Bloody Marys have you had this morning?"

00:52:20 Christopher makes Gulf Shores a nude beach.

00:53:50 The 1990 CHRISTMAS ON THE RIVER in Demopolis

00:54:45 Christopher sitting on a step stool watching TURNER AND HOOCH on TV.

00:58:57 Good shots of the Apartment Park living room

00:59:10 Leaving Fort Morgan on the Dauphin Island Ferry

01:02:00 The weather station at the end of the dock when coming into Billy Goat Hole @ Dauphin Island

01:03:45 The old radar station still damaged after Hurricane Frederic and the site of the future Estuarium.

01:04:26 Shrimp boats docked at the Ferry landing on Dauphin Island

01:05:20 Little River Road in Bayou la Batre

01:05:55 The Culberson house near City Park in Mobile. Veronica, Adam and Gina ~ the Culberson kids.

01:07:06 Robertoreg sez, "Oh a rabbit hash and polecat mash with a raccoon mutt in a jaybird suit & a peck of good gravy!"

01:08:22 Nicole Culberson picking up toys. Veronica Culberson tries her hand as camera operator.
Gina sez, "I don't know what the future holds."

01:09:59 Christopher and Sharon on Shades Mountain

01:11:01 Grizzly bear @ The Birmingham Zoo with Christopher, Ellen and Sharon.

01:11:30 Cougar

01:11:42 Bald eagle

01:11:52 Christopher and Ellen

01:12:04 Over at the Swindles with one of Ms. Swindle's sisters.

01:12:35 At a strip mine near Jasper in Walker County.

01:14:13 Outside Oakman at the closed Cane Creek Grocery with Richard Mims

01:14:47 Christopher climbing into the trunk of the Mercury.

01:15:55 Christopher walking in Bankhead National Forest and finding acorns on the ground.

01:18:17 Bordon Creek is dried up.

01:19:28 Christopher walking the trails by himself

01:22:24 Christopher finds a fire pit and says,"HOME!"

01:23:12 Christopher playing in the ashes as Robertoreg sez, "Better get out of there. Mama's gonna get mad."

01:23:53 Got a fire going.

01:24:41 Christopher playing with the fire on October 28, 1990.

01:25:22 Christopher puts wood on the fire.

01:26:15 Richard Mims talks about seeing THE WORLD'S LARGEST HORSE at the Alabama State Fair.

01:29:37 Christopher climbs over a log while holding on to his bottle.
01:32:22 Christopher slides off a log.

01:32:55 the Swindle house

01:33:28 Sharon videotapes Robertoreg and a big catfish at the Farm.

01:33:45 Inside the Farm house

01:35:00 Kitchen at the Farm

01:35:45 Christopher grabs one of Buddy's guns and Sharon freaks.

01:36:45 the back porch at the Farm

01:37:26 the outdoor shower and the tree house

01:37:43 Jeff & Brenda Swindle's kids over at the Swindle house for Christmas 1990. Christopher has a place at the table with the full spread of ham, smoked turkey and dressing.

01:38:47 Sarah Swindle in a high chair

01:39:15 Jeff Swindle has his video camera out.

01:40:20 Christmas presents in the living room

01:41:22 Sarah and Brenda open presents.

01:41:36 John opens presents.

01:41:50 Christopher opens presents

01:42:18 Christopher unwraps building blocks.

01:43:30 Everyone opens presents.

01:43:50 Christopher opens a big gift while Jeff videotapes in the background.

01:44:33 Christopher plays the xylophone.

01:46:06 Close-up of John

01:46:28 Watching a videotape of Ms. Swindle in Christopher's wagon on the Swindle's TV.

01:46:45 Christopher goes to see Santa at McFarland Mall.

01:48:08 Christopher sits on Santa's lap.

01:49:00 Christopher in the mall with animated Christmas elves.

01:49:46 Christopher unties his shoes.

01:50:45 Sharon puts Christopher inside the fence with the animated Christmas elves.

01:51:15 Christmas lights in a Tuscaloosa neighborhood

01:51:45 Christopher and Robertoreg go out to the tent in the backyard at Apartment Park.

01:52:58 Inside the tent

01:54:14 Robertoreg tells Christopher, "Go get my beer."

01:55:00 Christopher pretends to be fishing out of the back of the tent.

01:55:36 Video of the apartments from up the hill behind the buildings.

01:57:52 Close-up of fire ants

01:58:02 Christmas party at Mike Campbell's house with Donna Deason, Frank Struss, Brian Hendrix, Johnny Thigpen and Joe Kerry. Thigpen's daughter plays the piano.

02:00:24 Stephen Rogers in Mike Campbell's kitchen.

02:00:43 Everyone sings RUDOLF THE REDNOSE REINDEER.

02:01:55 Brian Hendrix and Frank Struss

02:02:22 Mike Campbell

02:02:31 Phillip Cooper, Jackie, Cammie , Page Holman and Joe Kerry in Mike's kitchen

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